Jack Daines, competitor, builder, announcer, Hall of Fame inductee and the architect of one of Canada’s best known and longest standing rodeos – the Daines Ranch Rodeo at Innisfail – passed away December 28, 2021 at the age of 86.

The gravelly-voiced larger than life personality who loved his family and his sport leaves behind a legacy of athletes, fans, sponsors and friends who gathered every year in June to listen to Jack’s amazing stories and unique style of calling the sport he was so passionate about. In addition to crafting a rodeo that continues to be popular more than a half century after its birth, Jack was the driving force behind the Alberta Circuit and the awards given to it’s champions.

Jack was named the 1990 Canadian Professional Rodeo Association Committee Man of the Year and was awarded the Alberta Centennial Medal in 2005. He was honoured as one of the 125 Greatest Citizens of Alberta by the Calgary Herald in 2008. And Jack was inducted into in the Canadian Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in 2000 in the Builder category. Jack was also an honoured member of the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame.

2021 Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo RESULTS:
Bareback Riding: 
1. Cole Goodine, 82.5 points on Duane Kesler Rodeo’s G7 Little Rotten, $1109.20; 2. (tie) Strawbs Jones and Jacob Stemo, 81, $693.25 each; 4. Michael Solberg, 80, $227.30

Steer Wrestling: 1. Landon Beardsworth, 4.0 seconds, $1405.30; 2. (tie) Walker Guthrie and Ryan Shuckburgh, 4.4, $1130.35 each; 4. Tanner Turcato, 4.5, $855.40; 5. Cody Cassidy, 4.8, $672.10; 6. Stephen Culling, 4.9, $488.80; 7. Matt Richardson, 5.2, $305.50; 8. Cole Rutledge, 5.4, $122.20

Team Roping: 1. Tate Schmidt/Kagen Schmidt, 4.5 seconds, $1894.57 each; 2. Wyatt Eirikson/Denver Johnson, 4.7; $1567.92; 3. Dawson Graham/Dillon Graham, 5.1, $1241.27; 4. (tie) Travis Nickolson/Jared Pancoast and Logan Bonnett/Keely Bonnett, 5.3, $751.30 each; 6. (tie) Dylan Knapp/Walker Galloway and Devin Wigemyr/Trey Gallais, 5.9, $163.32

Saddle Bronc: 1. Lucas Macza, 81 points on Duane Kesler Rodeo’s 40 Dutch Treat, $1034; 2. Brady Dinwoodie, 77, $775.50; 3. Lane Cust, 76, $517; 4. Kole Ashbacher, 74.5, $258.50

Calf Roping: 1. Dylan Knapp, 8.2 seconds, $1426.92; 2. Erik Dublanko, 8.5, $1240.80; 3. (tie) Wyatt Hayes, Logan Bird, Jason Smith and Riley Warren, 8.8, $775.50 each; 5. Darren Dublanko, 8.9, $310.20; 6. Aaron Mosicki, 9.0, $124.08

Breakaway Roping: 1. Kendal Pierson, 1.78 seconds, $1340.44; 2. Brooke Pomeranz, 2.39, $1165.60; 3. Brittany Schuk, 2.56, $990.76; 4. Lakota Bird, 2.66, $815.92; 5. Lawrie Saunders, 2.69, $641.08; 6. Traci Aipperspach, 2.81, $466.24; 7. Jayne Thurston, 2.82, $291.40; 7. Kyle Whiteside, 2.96, $116.56

Ladies Barrel Racing: 1. Lynette Brodoway, 15.879, $1816.08; 2. Valerie Gillespie, 15.979, $1556.64; 3. Vanessa Salisbury, 16.097, $1297.20; 4. Lacey Caldas, 16.098, $1124.24; 5. Amanda Vold, 16.113, $864.80; 6. Kerilee Noval; 16.115, $691.84; 7. Brooke Wills, 16.118, $518.88; 8. Shaylee McMann, 16.131, $345.92; 9. Kayce Liptak, 16.148, $259.44; 10. Reata Schlosser, 16.156, $172.96

Bull Riding: 1. Zane Lambert, 84.5 points on C5 Rodeo’s LT Double Vision, $1240.80; 2. Lonnie West, 83, $930.60; 3. Griffin Smeltzer, 73, $620.40
Ground money: $103.40 each

Stock Contractor: 
C5 Rodeo; Sub-Contractors: Duane Kesler Rodeo. Vold Rodeo; Timed event cattle: Lazy B Timed Event; Judges: John Gillis, Cam Morris; Announcers: Dustin Edwards, Tim Edge; Secretary: Sylvia Kerr; Timers: Dusty Daines, Monica Wilson; Pick-up men: Jim Berry, Jeff Resch; Bullfighters: Tanner Byrne, Houston Gleason; Music director: Ryan “Gator” Petruicki; Video: Super Vision

The Legacy of the Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo

There’s a new generation of Daines’ in town. 

The Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo takes place September 2nd, 3rd and 4th and the reins have been handed over to the next generation. 

The rodeo was brought to life in 1961 by saddle bronc rider Jack Daines with the help of his brothers Jim, Norman, Glen, Ivan, Franklin and Danny. The rodeo arena rests in the hillsides between Penhold, AB and Innisfail, AB and has seen hundreds of thousands of fans in its 60 years of production. Jack himself was inducted into the Canadian Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in 2000 and the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum in 2009. 

“It was really important to us to carry on tradition and this year (after Covid) our main goal was just to have a rodeo. Next year we will begin growing it as large as possible.” Says board member and organizer Rayel Daines. 

Rayel, Kyle, Wyatt, Danny, Dusty and Michael Daines, among many others, have worked extensively for the rodeo to go ahead in 2021 after Covid-19 restrictions postponed the 2020 event. Countless hours have gone into seeking sponsorship and promoting the event and Daines credits the community and her family for really coming together to make this happen. 

“There’s 40 Daines’ within 6 miles of the rodeo grounds, this rodeo means so much to our families legacy and the amazing people of our community.” 

Fans are encouraged to stick around after each rodeo performance for the nightly Rodeo Cabaret Dance. Camping is free with ticket purchase courtesy of Woody’s RV and tickets will be available starting now at https://www.ticketsalberta.com/event/daines-pro-rodeo. 

The Origins of Mutton Bustin’

Visualize this:

It’s a humid summer evening. The stands are packed. You have an ice cold drink in your hand. The rodeo announcer’s voice booms over the loudspeaker and you’re on the edge of your seat as the gate man opens the bucking chute. 

Out charges 100lbs of wooly fury, a helmeted toddler is clinging to the sheep’s back and the crowd goes wild. 

Did you know “Mutton Bustin” was invented right here in Alberta at the world famous Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo? Mutton Bustin is an entertaining children’s event in which a small child is placed on the back of a sheep. When the chute cracks the sheep runs out and the kid who stays on the longest wins! 

Jack Daines, founder of the Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo, thought of the idea because he didn’t want any children getting injured trying to ride the larger bovines. He brought some of the family’s sheep to the bucking chutes and the rest is history. Mutton Bustin’ is now included in half time shows around the world. 

Interested in having your child participate? Be sure to call now and reserve your spot during the Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo September 2nd, 3rd and 4th and get in on the wooly action.

INNISFAIL, AB – Hold onto your hats folks, the Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo is back and better than ever. Join in on the action September 2nd, 3rd and 4th and celebrate 60 years of Professional Rodeo. 

Built to hold over 2,000 spectators, the Daines Rodeo Ranch arena is nestled in the hills of central Alberta between Innisfail and Penhold. Jack Daines and his six brothers started the legacy of the world famous rodeo that is now being carried on by the younger Daines generation.

“We just want to continue the tradition that Jack started. We’d love to be able to take this rodeo another five plus decades and hand it down to our kids, and theirs.” said Kyle Daines, Chairman of the Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo committee. 

Dustin Edwards and Tim Ellis will be keeping the crowd on their toes in the announcer’s stand as Canadian Professional Rodeo Association cowboys and cowgirls go head to head for the prestigious title of Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo  Champion. 

Aside from a date change (the rodeo usually takes place in June) there is something else new about 2021’s event. 

“All the rodeo performances begin at 7:00 pm so spectators get an ‘under the lights’ show. There’s nothing like the atmosphere and vibes of a night rodeo” said Daines.

Fans are encouraged to stick around after each rodeo performance for the nightly Rodeo Cabaret Dance. Camping is free with ticket purchase courtesy of Woody’s RV and tickets will be available starting now at https://www.ticketsalberta.com/event/daines-pro-rodeo. 


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